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Winter 2017 Grand Prize Winner!

Just Like Mummy by Nadia Fenty


Winter 2017 Finalists!

Thank you, Amelia Earhart by Al Mertens

The Children by Bill Kalmenson


Winter 2017 Semi-Finalists!

Elijah by T.Will

Victim #1 by Tarik Davis, Don Hooper and C. LeMar McLean

Armor by Bryant Daluz

The Choir Singer by Barry M. Putt, Jr.

The Arrows Of Niani by Alan Dixon

The 313 by Jessica Tanner

Roll with the Punches by Judah Ray

The Pack – Bond of Blood by Devvin J. Mattison

Broken Promise by Margie Walker

General Harriet Tubman by Joseph Lawrence Thompson

Red Ivory by  L.W. Thomas

Crescent by Edward Worthy

A Rose that Grew from Concrete By Shylo Shaner, Debra Trevino & Valery Ortiz

Fostering Curtis by Luke Ryan

Black Diamond by JT O’Neal

The Color of the Puck by Mark Golik

Gideon By RW Hahn

Truth Be Told by Slavica Bogdanov

Gridiron by Charles Gillis

Four Negro Girls in a Church by Phillip E. Hardy

At the Mercy of Faith by Samuel Lee Taylor


“Excellent Festival! Would definitely recommend entering no matter where you are in the world.”


“A class act from start to finish. What nurturing folks!”


“To be honest this was one of the biggest events of the year for me and to be singled out as a winner among one’s peers is a massive honour.”


“Really cool vibe. Full of people with positivity that wanted to help get me where i want to go.”


“A very good competition that makes personal communication about your work and very encouraging for black filmmakers and screenwriters. I highly recommend it.”


 “I got two agent calls and a meeting out of it!!!”


All finalists’ scripts were distributed to our exclusive list of industry executives throughout the world. Over 40 A-list agents and producers in total received our finalists scripts including Thruline, APA, Creative Artists, The Link, Mosaic, and many more . All finalists were also given the opportunity to select the producer of their choice to whom we personally contacted to deliver their script.


Summer 2017 Grand Prize Winner!

Tony Hendriks – Shoot the Girl


Summer Finalists!

Andre Joseph – The Saxophonist

Aaron Shaw – Mayday

Dianne Janis – Sweet Dreams