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Prior Winners

Spring 2017 Grand Prize Winner!

Tony Hendriks – Shoot the Girl



Andre Joseph – The Saxophonist

Aaron Shaw – Mayday

Dianne Janis – Sweet Dreams


“Really cool vibe. Full of people with positivity that wanted to help get me where i want to go.”

“A very good competition that makes personal communication about your work and very encouraging for black filmmakers and screenwriters. I highly recommend it.”

 “I got two agent calls and a meeting out of it!!!”


All finalists’ scripts were distributed to our exclusive list of industry executives throughout the world. Over 40 A-list agents and producers in total received our finalists scripts including Thruline, APA, Creative Artists, The Link, Mosaic, and many more . All finalists were also given the opportunity to select the producer of their choice to whom we personally contacted to deliver their script.