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About Us

The mission of the ‘Black Lives Matter Screenwriting Competition’ is to bridge the gap between emerging black screenwriters and producers who want to make films that represent the black experience. By shining a light on the culture and historical perspective that has shaped – and continues to shape – the lives of the black population in both the United States and abroad, we hope that the scripts and films generated will bring about a greater representation of black talent and a greater assimilation of black stories into the film industry.

We are dedicated to the success of the next generation of filmmakers and screenwriters from around the world. We look for storytellers who are passionate about creating narratives about black communities in the U.S. and abroad – from inner city Atlanta, LA, New York, Oakland, Detroit, Chicago, and Milwaukee to Wall Street and the NBA; and from Africa to Brazil, and the Caribbean to the streets of London.

We believe black history and stories are an integral part of the beautiful tapestry that is our world, therefore, we welcome submissions from artists from around the world of any sex, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, white, black, Latin, Asian, and everything in between in order to create diversity in the film industry. We are passionate about discovering promising artists and we love all kinds of stories from studio blockbusters to art house fare; from silly comedies to gritty dramas. No two paths are the same and no two stories are alike. As long as your script is about the black community or issues affecting the black community, where ever that black community might be, be it in the U.S., Africa, or outer space, we’d love to see it. We just want to see more talented people telling great stories about the black community.

Our goal, with the “Black Screenplays Matter: Screenwriting Competition,” is to inspire more storytellers to write black stories, to see more black stories to go into production, and to connect production companies that tell black stories to the exceptionally talented storytellers who are writing them. We want to inspire generations of filmmakers to tell great stories that will inspire future generations to tell great stories.